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Words by Jacky Maniacky

Call for applications for the "ecological knowledge" Residence 2021- at The Royal Museum for Central Africa

Call for applications to artists, musicians, journalists, artichtects, engineers to all those with particular interest in this theme

Submission of application until 11th of June 2021

The AfricaMuseum has set up a residency program. The objective is to strengthen the exchange and dissemination of information and knowledge, to compare views, opinions and testimonies of colonial history and colonial memories, and of representations and status of African cultural heritage in Europe and Africa.

This call is addressed to artists, musicians, journalists, architects, engineers, creative people that are particularly aware of the human impact on the environment, biodiversity, ecological knowledge and inspired by museum collections. Applications from people based in Central Africa are strongly encouraged.

The residency is co-funded by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union as part of the TAKING CARE Project .

Objectives of the residency:

  • Offer a new vision or new perspectives on ecology
  • Generate creative output on the theme of ecological knowledge and environmental change inspired by the museum's collections and archives
  • Contribute to a better understanding of the relationships between collections, environment, and people (source communities in particular)

The residence offers:

  • 12 weeks of residence from September 2021 onwards (subject to prevailing health regulations)
  • Access to the collections and archives of the AfricaMuseum as a place for the co- production of knowledge
  • Coverage of transport / travel costs
  • Coverage of housing costs
  • Payment of a daily allowance (per diem) and fees
  • The residence will be the subject of an official agreement

Expections from the guest in residence:

  • Oral presentation (Museum Talk) or participating in a round table discussion
  • Creative output in the form of an intervention in the permanent exhibition, a small exhibition, an installation / performance in the AfricaMuseum, a manifesto or even the creation of a tool or multimedia content.

Selection methods: application as a selection tool