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Words by Johanna Wild

Working with knowledge holders on creating an experimental exhibition at the MARKK Hamburg

Scaffolding of a pile dwelling, Papua New Guinea, 1908/1910, photographer: E. Sarfert, MARKK Inv. No. 8.760 © MARKK

The MARKK is currently planning the experimental exhibition “Water is Life, Water is Right” (working title) in the work package “Designing Sustainable Futures”. Taking the topic of “water” as a starting point, the planned exhibition explores the ecological knowledges, cosmologies and technologies documented in the MARKK’s historical collections and relates them to contemporary water and climate justice movements as well as design alternatives emerging from the Global South.

For this purpose, the MARKK is convening an international “Water Think Tank” consisting of five knowledge holders, whose perspectives on water and the climate crisis will shape the conceptualization and planning of the exhibition. In the context of a multi-voiced exploration of historical collections as repositories of knowledge for responding to ecological crises today, the exhibition addresses the colonial origins of ecological injustices and sets out to imagine more caring planetary futures.

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