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Words by Juliette Huygen

Thinking With | Arturo Escobar | Pluriversal Politics

CONVERSATION | Friday 17 July | 16:30 - 18:00 CET | Online 

This talk is dedicated to María Lugones who passed through and on, on July 14, 2020.

In this conversation, as part of the RCMC Thinking With series, Arturo Escobar will discuss his work notably in his most recent Pluriversal Politics (Duke UP, 2020) & Designs for the Pluriverse (Duke UP, 2018). We invite Escobar to think with us for over the past decades he has theorized and provoked the concept of the “pluriverse” demanding that we live “in accordance with the idea that there are multiple worlds, partially connected but radically different [which] entails an entire different ethics of life” (Pluriversal Politics, 27). Escobar insists that “another possible is possible” (Pluriversal Politics, ix).

After an initial presentation, Arturo Escobar will enter into conversation with Rolando Vázquez Melken, moderated by Wayne Modest.