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Words by Tina Palaić

The Cursed Land of Lustful Women performance

Art historian Kanika Gupta, an activist-in-residence at the Slovene Ethnographic Museum, has devised an artistic perfomance, entitled The Cursed Land of Lustful Women which is a combination of dance movements and a brilliant story telling.

Ancient Indian tales inspire Kanika with breathtaking descriptions of the beauty and splendour of Indian forests and nature, and were taken as an inspiration for the performance. The Cursed Land of Lustful Women narrates about the Indian tree deity – Yakshi, that was once worshipped, and raises awareness of the processes of subjugating the nature, and consequences of its destruction.

So far, Kanika Gupta has performed ten times at different locations around Slovenia. In the Tivoli park in Ljubljana, the museum curator for ethnographic film Nadja Valentinčič Furlan shot her perfomance and the video is here for you.