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Words by Michel Lee

Seediq indigenous people from Taiwan visiting the Museum of Ethnography

Photographer: Bakan Walis

On 10 March we welcomed you to a unique meeting with the Seediq, one of the sixteen recognised indigenous peoples from Taiwan. The Seediq are co-partners in the coming “experimental exhibition” of  the TAKING CARE Project, which is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the  European Union. They were visiting the Museum of Ethnography to plan the 
exhibition and go through the Seediq objects in the collection of the museum.  

Walis Pelin och Awi Nogan from Taiwan told the history of the Seediq and their search to retrieve their history from the museum’s collection.  

Iwan Pelin introduced the art of thread making for traditional weaving. The material used is Ramie, from the Nettle family found in East Asia.   

Hsi Mei Lin och Robo Nawi, both weavers, demonstrated and taught participants the art of thread twisting.   

Thank you to all of you who joined us and didn't miss this rare opportunity to meet our Seediq guests from Taiwan and get an insight into an indigenous culture and their handicraft.

The programme was held in Chinese with English translation. 

Soon to come: Find out more on the delegations visit to the museum....