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Words by Nora Haas

Rewatch week 6 of the 'Matters of Care' online conference series

In Conversation with Naman Ahuja

*KEYNOTE*‘From India IN the World to India AND the World'

©Pitt Rivers Museum Oxford

'What lives in museums is not just objects, but the narratives we attach to these objects, and the narratives are only available in a certain language'

In the final week of the Matters of Care: Museum futures in times of planetary precarity conference series, keynote speaker Naman Ahuja shared enlightening thoughts on the decolonisation of museums, the globalisation of art history and issues around the showcasing of difference and the inability to translate one culture into the language of another. He discussed the complexities of taking ideas of a universal museum and global art history to a non-western audience in conversation with Clare Harris.

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