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Words by Nora Haas

'Invisible Inventories: An Exhibition Project' at The Nairobi National Museum from afar

'As part of its effort to make its research available to the public and further the debate surrounding Kenyan objects held in foreign institutions, International Inventories Programme  produced an exhibition titled 'Invisible Inventories'. Through contemporary artworks and academic research, the artists and scholars involved in the exhibition project approached the question of how to make objects—which currently reside in institutions within the global North—present again in contemporary Kenya.'  (Source:

Exhibition Poster 'Invisible Inventories' ©IIP and National Museum of Kenya Nairobi

This exhibition had been more than 2 years in the making and is currently running at the Nairobi National Museum until the 30th of May!

To visit and learn more about the project and the exhibition from afar, check out the link collection below.

  • For more on the exhibition here
  • Rewatch as the Collective members Njoki and Jim Chuchu give a virtual tour of the exhibition here
  • Rewatch the Artist Talk with Jim Chuchu and Njoki Ngumi, SHIFT Collective and Tuzi Creatives (from Wednesday the Wednesday 14th April 202) as they discuss the Invisible Inventories artworks, especially the ideas and insights behind them here