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Words by Ulrich Menter

'From Preservation to Care' Workshop, Stuttgart

@Linden-Museum Stuttgart
29.3 – 31.3.2023

The conservation departments of ethnographic museums are indispensable for joint participatory and collaborative projects of their institutions with indigenous communities. Nevertheless, they often remain in the background when it comes to conceiving and managing such projects, or using them to forge long-term relationships with communities. This workshop explores the potential for closer, mutually beneficial and sustainable partnerships between indigenous conservation departments in European museums. Through the presentation of concrete projects, the workshop will also provide a space for discussion on the day-to-day challenges and questions and issues that such cooperation brings.

(C) Linden-Museum Photo: Dominik Drasdow



3.30 - 3.45 pm: Welcome Speeches

4 - 6 pm: Panel 1: Museum and Indigenous Resilience: Enabling Solidarities between Local audiences and Indigenous Communities

  •  Maike Powroznik, Ethnographic Museum, University of Zurich
    On the reconnection of a collection to the originator's society
  • Doris Kurella, Linden-Museum Stuttgart
    "El buen vivir Mapuche" - What is a "good life" in Mapuche culture and how is it reflected in the material culture?
  • Coffee break


9 - 10.15 am: Complementing Panel 1: Museums and Indigenous Resilience: Enabling Solidarities between Local Audiences and Indigenous Communities

  • Awhina Tamarapa: Victoria University, Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand
    Taking care – honouring relationships between Māori and museums

10.15 am - 12.40 pm: Panel 2: Practicing Planetary Care: Stories of Sustainability from the Museum 

  • Sina Herrmann, German Museums Association
    Climate action and sustainability in museums - Acting ecologically and recognizing potential
  • Margrit Reuss, National Museum of World Cultures, Leiden
    Plastic Crush - Approaches to a more sustainable exhibition preparation
  • Lunch Break

12.40 - 2.10 pm: Panel 3: Conservation Standards and Participative Projects

  • Ana Motnikar, Slovene Ethnographic Museum
    What to store and how
  • Mille Gabriel & Anne-Mette Marchen Andersen, National Museum of Denmark
    When acid-free tissue paper and medical gowns aren’t enough
  • Coffee break

2.10 - 4 pm: Panel 3 Part 2: Conservation Standards and Participative Projects

  • Siska Genbrugge, Royal Museum for Central Africa, Tervuren
    Blurred lines: preservation of museum objects travelling outside the museum box
  • Fiona Siegenthaler & Nina Frankenhauser, Linden-Museum Stuttgart
    Cooperation – Care – Communication: Three case examples at the Africa department
  • Diana Gabler & Marika Kessler, MARKK Hamburg
    Developing cuturally sensitive approaches to collections care at MARKK

4.30 - 5.30 pm: Curatorial Tours

  • “Where is Africa?” (with Fiona Siegenthaler, Curator Africa, Linden-Museum Stuttgart)
  • “Whakawhanaungatanga: Connecting taonga Māori across time, place and people” 
    (with Ulrich Menter, Curator Oceania, Linden-Museum Stuttgart) 


9 - 11.00 am: Panel 4: Bridging the Distance: Enabling Long Term Relationships between Communities of Origin and Conservators in European Museums

  • Leonie Gärtner, Ethnologisches Museum SMB SPK, Berlin
    The Palau Bai Group in Berlin
  • Peter McElhinney, Varldskulturmuseerna, Stockholm, Gothenburg:
    Reflections on collections care practices at the Smithsonian Institutes National Museum of the American Indian
  • Christiane Jordan, Weltmuseum Wien
    Informal visits or professional projects
  • Coffee break

11 am - 12.00 pm: Panel 4 Part 2: Bridging the Distance: Enabling Long Term Relationships between Communities of Origin and Conservators in European Museums

  • Sofie Dierickx, Royal Museum Central Africa, Tervuren
    Exchanging expertise and experience across continents: towards a sustainable co-stewardship
  • Jeremy Uden, Pitt Rivers Museum
    Talking Threads projects

12 pm: Wrap-up Discussion