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Words by QuestaèRoma

Decolonising the arts: languages, oralities and other forms to deconstruct museum culture

Round table and debate

The project "phonoMuseum - rome" concluded the first part of the research on the meaning and significance of oral languages that have been colonised but now represent the city of Rome.

 On Saturday the 12th of November 5 p.m. they explored the theme of the decolonisation of the arts, analysing different forms including languages, orality and other forms of expression. The era in which we live allows us to say that colonial processes were formally ended in the 1990s. Despite this, colonial forms persist in social, political and economic systems.

The talk was held at the International Women's House via della Lungara 19, Rome.

Wissal Houbabi - writer, oral poet and hip hop feminist
Rosa Anna Di Lella - Museum of Civilisations
Giulia Grechi - anthropologist
Yodit Estifanos Afewerki - Tezeta collective
Moderator: Stefania N'Kombo José Teresa, QuestaèRoma
Closing remarks: Isabella Peretti, Lesconfinate association

The phonomuseum _rome is part of the residency "Care in a World We Share with Others/Caring in a Precarious World" promoted and supported by the Museum of Civilisations within the European project Taking Care - Ethnographic and World Culture Museums as Spaces of Care, co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. We thank you for contributing to this experience and let us toast together for the phonomuseum - rom!