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Words by Wayne Modest

'Caring Matters' Conference 2020 Program

As part of this international collaborative Creative Europe, co-funded project the Research Center for Material Culture will host a set of workshops.

It is this project as a whole and this event in particular's hope that it will open museums up to contribute more critically to how we understand the brutal legacies of colonialism on our earth and learn to better pay attention to the knowlege that peoples the world over have nurtured, adapted, and applied to dealing with such violence. Indeed, our hope is to fashion more caring and careful museum practices.

The conference will consist of both closed and public events and panels. The program is below and will be updated as we go along....

Bangka doll, from Sumatera, Bangka Island, Indonesia. The puppet was probably used to represent workers in a tin mine, put on display at Paris World's Fair of 1878. Probably the doll held a tool in its hands. (NMVW Collection: RV-300-1135b)

Thursday 17 September

15:00 - 16:30 CET | CONVERSATION | Thinking With | Olívia Maria Gomes da Cunha | The Things of Others | Online, open to public 


Monday 21 September

15:00 - 16:30 CET | PANEL | Caring Matters | Environmental Justice | Online, open to public

16:45 - 17:45 CET | WORKSHOP with Taking Care partners (hybrid format)


Tuesday 22 September  

In person guests begin to arrive to Leiden.

15:00 - 16:30 CET | CONVERSATION | Thinking With | Macarena Gómez - Barris | The Extractive Zone | Online, open to public 


Wednesday 23 September

12:30 - 13:30 CET | PANEL | Caring Matters | Endangerment | Online, open to public 

13:45 - 14:45 CET | WORKSHOP with Taking Care partners (hybrid format)

15:00 - 16:00 CET | PANEL | Caring Matters | Extraction | Online, open to public 

16:15 - 17:15 CET | WORKSHOP with Taking Care partners (hybrid format)


Thursday 24 September

10:00 - 12:00 CET | PANEL | Caring Matters | Healing Materialities | Online, open to public 

12:15 - 13:15 CET | WORKSHOP with Taking Care partners (hybrid format)

In the lead-up to Caring Matters, the Research Center had hosted events in their Thinking With conversation series, notably on July 17, 2020: Thinking With | Arturo Escobar | Pluriversal Politics. This Webinar and all other panels were recorded  can be screened or listened to here.